About Us

Our company is called Smart House Development. We have two areas of service; first, real estate; in which we sell houses and the second area is re-modelling services for houses including painting, framing or siding. Currently we partnered with Sunrise Builders company to build a new House in Lincoln Estates, Newton County, Georgia. Our main goal is to provide state of the art houses with reasonable prices for the community. Our houses will be of high quality and up to date with the most recent developments in all construction areas. For our re modelling services, we will have qualified, hard working crew members with high level of integrity and efficiency that can finish any re modelling request in a decent amount of time.

Smart House Development

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one choice for value minded customers and highly efficient and ambitious employees. We thrive to become the best in Georgia by delivering high quality remodeling services, and to provide excellent houses to our clients. We are dedicated to achieve our vision by using modern technologies and techniques in offering our services and by using highly disciplined and dedicated employees. Our unique family oriented and united spirit in our firm guarantees our customers the best services in a timely manner and provides better Homes with better prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality houses and the best remodeling services to satisfy the needs of our customers in Georgia, Atlanta. We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction as we thrive to offer the best prices, the best payment methods, and any additional services that could be needed after the purchase has been completed. Our new houses are up to date to an evolving and modern industry of construction. Our remodeling services are available for any customer who wants to apply modifications and they include siding, framing, roofing and painting. Our mission is achieved by having a strong team work spirit within our working environment between our highly qualified and experienced employees and also by building relationships with subcontractors and institutions that will help us maximize our expertise and our offered services.